100 Best Zig Ziglar Quotes


Zig Ziglar is one of the best motivational and inspirational quotes in the world. This is why today we are going to talk about 100 best Zig Ziglar Quotes. These quotes help you to achieve your dreams and goals in your life.

Zig Ziglar Quotes

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have.”

“You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise’. The choice is yours.”

“Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have t start to be great.”

“I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.”

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.”

“Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.”

“When you focus on problems, you get more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you have more opportunities.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.”

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

“Outstanding people have one thing in common an absolute sense of mission.”

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll business with you.”

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”

“Go as far as you can see and you will see further.”

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

“Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude.”

“Make today worth remembering.”

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.”

“It’s not where you start but where you finish that counts.”

“When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you.”

“Expect the best, prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”

“It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be worth it.”

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”

“The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have to be grateful for.”

“A positive attitude will have positive results because attitudes are contagious.”

“You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.”

“Your life is a result of the choices you have made. If you don’t like your life, start making better choices.”

“Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.”

“Do it, and then you will deal motivated to do it.”

“Many marriages would be better if the husbands and wife clearly understood that they’re on the same side.”

“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.”

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

“Life is a classroom. Only those who are willing to be lifelong learners will move to the head of the class.”

“A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.”

“Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you.”

“You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you have, be, and do in the tomorrow of your life.”

“Honesty and integrity are far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.”

“Stop selling, start helping.”

“We miss 100 percent of the sales we don’t ask for.”

“When you have a passion for something you find a way to make it happen this is the panacea to success.”

“Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see on others. exist in you.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“Failure is an event, not a person.”

“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now.”

“When you make a mistake, be excited Analyze what happened, and learn from it.”

“Each failure brings you one step closer to success.”

“Failure is a detour, not a dead end street.”

“A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have.”

“What we change the input into our minds, we change the output into our lives.”

“A goal casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle.”

“You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.”

“You can’t hill uphill by thinking downhill thoughts.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“Ability can take you to the top, but it takes the character to keep you there.”

“Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.”

“Every sale has five basic obstacles no need money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.”

“Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker.”

“I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessing to be ungrateful.”

“If you will be hard on yourself, life will be easy on you. But if you insist upon easy on yourself, life is going to be very hard on you.”

“You don’t drown by falling in water. You only drown if you stay there.”

“If you are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in.”

“Success is in the details.”

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”

“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.”

“There is no such thing as a lazy person he is either sick or uninspired.”

“What you feed your mind determines your appetite.”

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That’s a success.”

“When your images improve, your performance improves,”

“Look back in forgiveness, forward in hope, down in compassion and up in gratitude.”

“Take time to be kind and to say; thank you.'”

“Success comes in cans, failure comes in can’t.”

“Failure doesn’t come from falling down, failure comes from not getting up.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“It was a character that got us out of bed, the commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”

“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.”

“You already have every characteristic necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop and use them.”

“Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have and that is awesome.”

“When you make people feel important, you’re going to be ahead of the game.”

“You cannot climb the leader of success dressed in the costume of failure.”

“Our daily objectives should include an honest effort to improve on yesterday.”

“Surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes

“If you go out looking for friends, you’re going to find they are very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.”

“When we do more than we are paid to do, eventually we will be paid more for what we do.”

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.”

“Time well spent result in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation.”

“When you catch a glimpse your potential, that’s when passion is born.”

“You can start where you are with what you’ve got and go wherever it is you want to go.”

“Setting goals helps bring your future into your present and the present is the only time we can take action.”

“Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will. Fear is faith in reverse. Fear creates doubt. Replace your fear with faith and your doubts with determination.”

“Don’t judge me by my past. I don’t live there anymore.”

“Be strong, but not rude; Be kind, but not weak; Be bold, but not bully; Be humble, but not timid; Be proud, but not arrogant.”

Zig Ziglar Quotes


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